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Weddings & Formal Wear
Whether you’re attending an upcoming wedding or planning a ceremony of your own, be sure to stop by our retailer today! We offer immaculate suits for the occasion as well as a reliable and affordable suit hire service. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to achieve a classic look or you’re feeling a bit more daring. We’re sure to feature the right menswear for the next formal soiree.

Call Us Today About Our Suit Hiring Services.

At Bent Threads, we make it easy to hire the right suit. Take a look at the following section to learn about the advantages of working with our skilled team.
Return on Investment – We've tailored our packages to remain well within your budget.

The Devil is in the Details – Browse our selection of suits, and you’ll notice that each garment features the stylish flourishes and linings that you’ve come to expect from Bent Threads. You won’t have to settle for subpar products.

The Right Fit – Our contoured jackets and adjustable trousers accommodate all sizes. You’ll remain both stylish and comfortable all evening long. 

Stay Sharp – Pick stitching on the lapels of our suits always ensures a sharp edge. You won’t have to worry about any worn-out surfaces.

With the Shirt to Match – Our hire shirts are well-made to complement your selected suit. We’ve thought of everything, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

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